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 +====== ​ Aviso: International Presse Conference on Protests against the EU Summit in Salzburg, We., 19.9., 10:30 ======
 +A broad coalition of civil society organisations will hold a press conference on Wednesday, 19th September, 10:30, about the EU Summit in Salzburg. They will present the voice of civil society on the issues addressed at the Summit and provide insights into protest actions surrounding the Summit.
 +Participants: ​
 +  * Alina Kugler, Spokesperson of „Salzburg Solidarity“,​ an alliance of 35 local civil society organisations and activists that is hosting a week-long alternative summit ​
 +  * Tamino Böhm, Manager of the sea rescue project „Moonbird“ in the Mediterranean,​ whose reconnaissance aircraft is currently being detained by Maltese authorities ​
 +  * Ibrahim Manzo, Niger, Head of the „Alarme Phone Sahara“ project that operates an emergency call center to rescue refugees in the desert ​
 +  * Stephan Prokop, Spokesperson of the Viennese platform Radical Left that co-organises the demonstration on Thursday, 20th September ​
 +The press conference will be held in English and German. Interpretation will be provided. ​
 +Time: Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 10:30
 +Venue: Café Bazar, Schwarzstraße 3, Salzburg ​
 +Contact details: ​
 +[email protected] ​
 +0043/​6503078660 ​
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