Solidarisches Salzburg

Solidarity Salzburg: What is it about?

Solidarity Salzburg was formed in January 2018 as a reaction to the new Austrian government. Its fundamental aims are to organise a wide alliance of dedicated organisations and people in Salzburg and to plan activities for the year 2018, and for the years to come. United, we want to oppose cuts in social services and the violation of human rights – both are to be expected – and demand political alternatives based on human rights. For these causes, we have worked out a shared commitment, which forms the foundation of Solidarity Salzburg and which is acknowledged by all organisations and people working together under the umbrella of Solidarity Salzburg.

Solidarity Salzburg: Commitment

Civil-society organisations and networks and dedicated, courageous people are an important pillar of democracy, human rights, social security, justice and environmentalism. Solidarity Salzburg feels obliged to pursue these aims. However, current political developments threaten these achievements. We fear that the current government, formed by the Conservative and the Freedom Party, will realise the measures they have already announced. These cuts will affect, among others, people with a low income, single parents, unemployed people, people with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities as well as people with no secure residence status.

We stand up for

  • togetherness in solidarity
  • the protection of human rights
  • the support of people who have fled their home countries
  • social security and justice
  • an open access to education
  • democracy, which is based on human rights and equal treatment
  • environmentalism and sustainable policies
  • political, social and cultural participation

We firmly oppose the current political developments in Austria and speak out against

  • cuts in social services
  • exclusion and discrimination of minorities
  • the dismantling of standards concerning democracy and employment laws
  • the normalisation of right-wing radicalism
  • the division of society and growing social inequality as well as
  • an economy at the expense of nature and environment

Solidarity Salzburg highlights the consequences of the planned measures, organises resistance and in solidarity supports people and groups affected. Only if we raise our voices together we can change society for the better in these politically harsh times. People and organisations working together under the umbrella of Solidarity Salzburg acknowledge the aims of this platform and refrain from co-opting this network for their organisational or political means.